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Adobe Creative Jam

Making an app design

in only 3 hours.

In April 2019, Adobe hosted a design contest in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. During this event, 20 hand-picked designers from all over the country were invited to participate in a 3-hour contest to create an app using the Adobe XD Prototyping program. Since I have been using Adobe XD ever since its beta period, I was excited to finally see the tool in action.

Just minutes before the kickoff, we were given the theme on which the app should be focused. The whole process of designing, prototyping and testing is an interesting challenge, when on an extremely tight schedule. Nevertheless, we succeeded and received a respectable 3rd place.

To solve

an issue

With the Amsterdam2030 theme, we wanted to solve an issue present (and rising) within the community of Amsterdam. As bikes clutter the streets and canals, we need a better way to locate our bikes, and with this reduce the amount of lost or stolen bikes. This is paired with a new social feature, with which you can locate and meet up with your friends.

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What we


The app features a welcome screen, which leads to the main dashboard. While making use of the interactive tile-design for navigation, users can immediately see their personal information or log out. The social features make the app a pleasure to use for both you and your friends or dear collegues, and offer much variety from the different available features.

With a lot of of respect, I’ve watched these fine young gentlemen come up with ideas and shaping them into a working prototype. It’s quite intense with the jury members walking around and making notes. After three hours and hearing from people from the industry, they were the ones to give an elevator pitch in English in front of a large audience. And the students did very well. Great presentations where a result of three hours working very hard! At the end, Interaction Design students Casper and Sven ended on the third place. And that is amazing! It makes me feel so proud of these students, the Interaction Design staff and the GLR.

Matthijs ClasenerAdobe Education Leader

Public Reveal

View the full-length reveal of the Amsterdam2030 app.



While designing and the user dashboard, we wanted to create an easy-to-navigate and unique way to use the app. So in addition to creating the standard Hamburger-style menu on the right top, we also added a scrollable tilesystem to the homescreen. It’s intuitive, and meant to be scrolled as naturally as any other aspect of a mobile phone.

Notable Features

Unique addons, including Find My Friends

Sidemenu with important links, and a profile overview.
Back button for quick navigation
Find My Friends feature, including live updated location markers
Scrollable list of current locations

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